Understanding The Importance Of Consumer Behavior In Marketing

Understanding The Importance Of Consumer Behavior In Marketing

Today, the world is all about marketing and grasping how to keep up in the marketing society. Major companies have invested an amount of fortune, studying ways to enhance their marketing strategies and to get a better insight into the working of consumer behavior.

According to Fahim Moledina, you can only be successful in the world of marketing if you truly understand the science of consumer behavior. How, when, from whom, and what decisions do the individuals make when purchasing a product. He will help you better understand the importance of consumer behavior and how to recognize it.

What Is Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is a series of pattern which lies on multiple factors. It starts from how the consumer prioritizes the product for the purchase among all the various alternative options (brands, websites) and concludes with its transaction. How the consumer does get influenced in purchasing specific products? TheseInfluences are mostly environmental behavior-oriented for the consumer, which includes friends, family, the internet, etc.

Fahim Moledina explains how marketers should come up with creative strategies to compel the buyers to purchase their product more than they intended to. Here are some of the facets that influence consumer behavior.

Psychological Aspect

There are various complex buyers found in the marketing society. Some consumers make expensive infrequent items purchase, while some have Dissonance reducing buying personality. Dissonance occurs when the consumers sometimes regret the item they buy.

Some are casual habitual buyers; they pay little attention to the quality of product or brand category. And some are influenced by variety and always seeking and trying different products than before. All these consumers respond differently to the marketers according to their perceptions and attitude.

Personal Aspect

All individuals have different interests and opinions and respond accordingly to these factors. Some are influenced by demographics that is, age, gender, culture, etc. Marketers study the mind of such consumers and understand their personalities and thus deal with them accordingly.

Social Aspects

Some consumers are strongly influenced by their favorite celebrity person, friends, family, or social media. Their product of choiceis strongly specific. All these patterns become crucial for the marketers to deal with and to bring forth the consumer their desired product.

Importance of Consumer Behaviour in Business

According to Fahim Moledina, It is highly important for the companies to live up to the expectations of their consumers, understand their needs and demands, which clearly means it is vital for you to understand what your consumer wants even before they elaborate it themselves.

In case you are unable to do so, they probably might be withdrawing from your dealings and taking their business somewhere else. Successful multinational companies build strong foundations and marketing strategies to get a better insight into their consumer needs.

Their marketing ideas do not only include product generation but also emphasize the need to get a better understanding of what the consumers what and how they want it. By gathering all the required external information and spend hours to study their psychological behavior and interact with them accordingly, you can create a better consumer strategy.

Role of Consumer Behaviour in the World of Marketing

As Fahim Moledina mentioned that through a true understanding of the consumer behavior aspects, you can get strongerleads in the markets. Therefore, availing the accurate knowledge of the consumers’ psychology can help you create your content and blog, with variable ideas for the advertisement of your products in which you can add descriptions by including interactive videos and pictures just as the consumer wants.

Fahim Moledina explains with a strategic point of view that if you are to create a brand that specializes in female products, you might want to design a bunch of blogs that specifically mention ideas about gifting for women. When you collect the statistics on this relative topic, you may notice, consumers have idealized the idea of “gifts for women on the anniversary” with subsequent more searches than “ideas for wife anniversary gift.” This slight change in the title and keywords could optimize your content with more than 10,000 site visitors or just above 1,000 from this content.

In simplified words, consumer behavior understanding is an art. If you grasp this art, your steps to success in the marketing world are no further away!


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