Transforming A Small Patio Into A Relaxing Retreat By Fahim Moledina

Transforming A Small Patio Into A Relaxing Retreat


With the stunning décor ideas by Fahim, you can make even the smallest patio into an inviting, private escape. You don’t have to worry about embarking on a major renovation project, as his ideas allow you to craft a stylish and comfy space without breaking the bank.

You can make your outdoor space more welcoming by choosing the right furniture and lighting and other brilliant ideas that Fahim Moledina brings you. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different prints and patterns. Give your creativity free-hand to deck up your patio so that it resonates both with your taste and personality! Let’s get transformed!

Layering for Comfort

To make even the smallest space of your deck feel like an inviting retreat, layer it with outdoor rugs, add pillows, a bit of greenery, and some light. These together will make your patio look inviting and plush where you would want to spend more of your time.

Try Checkered Flooring

Fahim Moledina suggests bringing your space to life by experimenting with flooring. You can try out checkered flooring that complements the furnishing you add to your outdoor space. It will make your patio look more elaborate and offer you more furnishing options where you can flaunt the flooring and yet make the patio a perfect relaxing retreat.

Hang Curtains

You can create a temporary wall with vibrant curtains that will add more style, comfort, and color to the space. Also, it will offer some privacy if the neighbors are too close. The flowing, gauzy fabric gives a soft appeal to the patio and adds privacy.

Bring the Indoors Outdoors

You can extend your personal style to your outdoor space to create an elegant and cohesive outdoor environment. If you want to make your outdoor space look and feel as luxe and comfy as indoors, you can move some of the indoor furniture outside. It will help make your deck look like an extension of your indoor space. Give a more personal touch by throwing blankets over chairs, placing lanterns or votives, and framing photos.

Add Stylish Lights

More lighting always enlivens a place. You can place good lighting that will help you enjoy your deck even when the sun goes down. Hang vertical lights that make a statement and shine on the specific areas making them look more relaxing. Don’t forget to use outdoor cords and light bulbs.

Amp up Accessories

Placing simple and stylish accessories helps in making the place more elegant yet glamorous. Use beautiful trays and goblets for serving desserts or cocktails. Use glass pitchers and jugs. These help in exuding classy vibes!

Have Extra Seating

Extra seating will make your patio more spacious. You can place floor pillows and a pouf that don’t take a lot of room. They are easy to store and can be pulled out in a snap if you have guests to entertain. Also, the more cushiony and soft items you place, the more comfy vibes your patio will give.

Put Swing Chairs

Swing chairs make for an incredible addition to your patio. The playful furniture made of rattan or wicker lifts up your outdoor space. You also get an additional sitting space where you can enjoy your evening or mornings reading books or newspapers.

These brilliant tips by Fahim Moledina will help you increase the appeal of your patio. Instead of eschewing your patio, you can utilize the space to improve the overall visual aesthetics of your house and make a place outdoors for yourself to enjoy get-togethers and sudden gatherings.


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