Pros and Cons of Hiring a Consultant with Fahim Moledina

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Consultant with Fahim Moledina

Managing a business, especially a large-scale one can be time-consuming and stressful. There are necessary steps that should be considered and well-pondered. This is why business consultants- per Fahim Ekbal Moledina, are essential professionals to keep businesses growing. And so, here is Fahim Moledina’s brief discussion of both the pros and cons of hiring a business consultant.


They are experts

The first and most important benefit of hiring the proper business consultant is that they frequently work in specialized fields and bring the precise, in-depth experience that your company needs. As their skill set will be in line with the organization’s present needs, they also assist in bringing a new viewpoint to the table. As a result, they will not only assist you with decision-making processes but will also create a structure that is in line with the objectives of your company, increasing investment and productivity and producing a clear return on investment.

Accurate and transparent pricing

When you hire a consultant, you are fully aware of all of the charges involved. There are no administrative costs involved, and the contract can be extended based on your needs and the outcomes obtained during the original period. If the initial project is not producing the desired results, you can switch the expert to another project based on the expense involved – Fahim Ekbal Moledina


Can be expensive

A business consultant will always cost more than an employee. A consultant should only be employed when the task is on a tight budget, and you are certain they will help increase productivity and revenues. In either case, employing a consultant entails some financial risk.

Uncertain decisions and plans

Up next, it can also be a con in hiring a consultant the possibility of them being uncertain in making decisions and plans. This can happen if the consultant you hired lacks the essential traits, knowledge, expertise, and attitude to be effective and transparent. Also, it can lead to unfinished deals or, worse, unsuccessful ones.

And so, it is important for you to know the pros and cons of hiring a consultant to raise your awareness and knowledge about it!


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