How To Set Your Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategy

How To Set Your Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategy

As we grapple with COVID-19 and its many variants, it is important to deliberate what the post-COVID world will be for those in the marketing realm. As Fahim Moledina talks about the accelerated speed at which the world is going digital, he helps you in setting your post-pandemic marketing strategy to help you cover the huge losses you faced during the pandemic.

The increased reliance on Amazon and Zoom throughout the day means that future marketing strategies should make use of this reliance on the technology. The changing business and marketing landscape means businesses need to readjust and evolve to work alongside the virus’s future impacts. Below, Fahim Moledina enlists approaches that all businesses can benefit from to survive and succeed in the post-pandemic world.

PrioritizeThe Customers You Already Have

Struggling to find new customers should not come as a shock. You should, therefore, focus on the ones you already have despite the economic downturn. Create campaigns and add services that target their new needs and requirements. Also, deal with the refund issues that clients with prepaid memberships would ask for. Although this will hurt your cash flow, the money you will give will return to you tenfold once the economy stabilizes.

Bring Everything Online

The travel restrictions and lockdowns brought people online, forever changing the working dynamics and landscape. There are more and more companies who now wish to create websites or update the ones they made and forgot. The eCommerce trends and channels too are now increasing as more social media campaigns are being made targeting home-based workers.

It is time for you, too, to hop into the going-online bandwagon. If you already have an online presence, you must now understand how important it is to utilize the online channels.

Invest In Facebook Ads

Now that people are largely spending their time at home, they are more and more using social media for almost every reason. The ROI and PPC ads of many industries have skyrocketed during this time. It is a good time and way for you as well to show that your business too is alive and that you aim to be a part of the new normal!

Facebook ads are affordable as well as used by many businesses. You might also get exclusive deals and discounts due to COVID. Online ads have always been an engaging and affordable way to target your audience, but now more than ever, they offer you the ability to secure your business to greater heights.

Offer Exclusive Deals and Offers

You can make people come to you by offering them a warm welcome in a post-pandemic world. You can offer exclusive deals and put out sales promotions that you can advertise through your social media platforms and promotional emails.

Such offers cash in new customers as well as make the older ones more loyal and interested. Discounts, saving options, and freebies for customers who choose you will help you earn money even before the tough times end.

Change Your Communications Strategy

Now that people’s priorities have changed, you must also change your communication strategy. Rethink the content that you create, the newsletters you send out, and your approach towards your customers. You will have to overhaul your entire communications strategy and focus on content that caters to the fears and questions of your customers under the current scenario.

You can make use of surveys and polls to find out people’s current priorities and desires. It will help you in forming your marketing and business strategy in a way that benefits both you and your clients.

These few solid strategies by Fahim Moledina will help you in the post-pandemic world by helping you once again gain your ground in the market!


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